Raymond Dijkstra is actively engaged in making music since 1986. Although the first musical endeavors have not been recorded, the root of all his creative activities lie in this somewhat clouded period of self-exploration. The exploration continues till this day and beyond… Since around 1989 the first publications come into the public, albeit in quite limited edition. His first serious works came to the fore since 2003, with self published vinyl records on his own Le Souffleur imprint. (Le Souffleur 2002-current)

In general the work of Raymond Dijkstra has been released in highly limited in house edition. First on Le Souffleur and since 2017 on Astres d’Or. Besides a few publications on third party musiclabels, the artist’s preference goes out to stay artistically independent and to publish his work in combination with his visual art. The combined publication of original art (drawings, collages) with his music in limited editions gives him the opportunity to out his work in the most personal way possible, while at the same time remaining far away from any commercialized form.

“The musicworld unfortunately has since decades been a business where music is ruled by commerce. Even less commercial music is mostly released in a standardized form- CD’s, LP’s in relatively high editions and in standardized printed or plastic covers. There is however no reason why music should be released in this commercial form. Why not publish music in a more original form: music combined with original art. Why not publish a work in an edition of 1. I see no reason to comply my artistic work to the music business, while I have nothing with this business. I like to keep my music free from any contact with commerce. It’s been made while enjoying a free and pure mind, when I release it to the public it needs to stay pure. My work is made as a meditation. As a way to connect to my deepest core. In such a pure place there’s no room for superficial societal and ego driven reasonings. Therefor I publish my work in my way; In limited edition, in order to give as much as attention to each separate work and in combination with my visual work. The combination with my own visual art makes the work stronger. It thus becomes a total work of art and more even, a concentrated ball of energy to purvey it’s aura in the strongest way. It’s psychic energy concentrated in one work. The work is pure, psychic and strong. Like art is supposed to be.”

The ultimate consequence of this philosophy was the establishment of Astres d’Or in 2017 (2017-current), a platform envisioned and erected by RD, purposed for the combined publication of avant-garde music and original art, with a great DIY ethos and subsequently manufacturing and producing it’s own vinyl records.

The musical output of RD is typically characterized by a pairing with his own original visual art. Be it collages, photo’s, paintings, painted objects, de-collages, painted and hand-etched vinyl, drawings, multimedia like sewn record-covers (needle and thread), burned record-covers (fire), animal skin, etc. These editions were always in highly limited numbers, between 1-25 ex.

Occasionally, but rarely, a larger print-run of his work was done, with an equal eye for graphic detail.

Hereunder follows a selected discography of works published between 2003 – current (2-1-2019)


Catalogue du Bruit (Short Expressionistic Works)(2008-2017)(Limited Editions, Original Artwork)

  1. De zee (2008)(5 inch record)(box)(Le Souffleur)(NL)
  2. De luis (2008)(5 inch record)(box)(Le Souffleur)(NL)
  3. De droom (2008)(5 inch record)(box)(Le Souffleur)(NL)
  4. De herinnering (2008)(5 inch record)(box)(Le Souffleur)(NL)
  5. De zon (2008)(5 inch record)(box)(Le Souffleur)(NL)
  6. De wil (2008)(5 inch record)(box)(Le Souffleur)(NL)
  7. De tegel (2008)(5 inch record)(box)(Le Souffleur)(NL)
  8. De slaap (2008)(3 inch record)(box)(Le Souffleur)(NL)
  9. De varen (2008)(3 inch record)(box)(Le Souffleur)(NL)
  10. De vijl (2008)(3 inch record)(box)(Le Souffleur)(NL)
  11. De keel (2008)(3 inch record)(box)(Le Souffleur)(NL)
  12. De reet (2008)(3 inch record)(box)(Le Souffleur)(NL)
  13. De kelk (2008)(5 inch record)(Le Souffleur)(NL)
  14. De kus (2009)(3 inch record)(box)(Le Souffleur)(NL)
  15. De nerf (2009)(3 inch record)(box)(Le Souffleur)(NL)
  16. De huls (2009)(3 inch record)(box)(Le Souffleur)(NL)
  17. De smet (2009)(3 inch record)(box)(Le Souffleur)(NL)
  18. De beeltenis (2009)(3 inch record)(box)(Le Souffleur)(NL)
  19. De megafoon (2009)(3 inch record)(box)(Le Souffleur)(NL)
  20. De cirkel (2009)(Box 9x3inch vinyl records)(Le Souffleur)(NL)
  21. De marionet (2009)(3X 5inch record)(box)(Le Souffleur)(NL)
  22. Het leven (2009)(5inch record)(box)(Le Souffleur)(NL)
  23. De fontijn (2009)(3X 5inch record)(box)(Le Souffleur)(NL)
  24. De fontanel (2009(5inch record)(box)(Le Souffleur)(NL)
  25. De decollage (2009)(5inch record)(box)(Le Souffleur)(NL)
  26. De spleet (2009)(5inch record)(box)(Le Souffleur)(NL)
  27. De stem (2009)(5inch record)(box)(Le Souffleur)(NL)
  28. De eenheid (2010)(5inch record)(Le Souffleur)(NL)
  29. De luidspreker (2010)(4x5inch record)(wooden box)(Le Souffleur)(NL)
  30. De beschouwing (2010)(The year 25 – compilation)(Cassette)(Korm Plastics)(NL)
  31. De speler (2010)(3inch record & optical disc)(box)(Le Souffleur)(NL)
  32. De lijn (2010)(5inch record)(box)(Le Souffleur)(NL)
  33. De vorm (2010)(5inch record)(box)(Le Souffleur)(NL)
  34. De kolk (2010)(5inch record)(box)(Le Souffleur)(NL)
  35. De machine (2010)(5inch record)(box)(Le Souffleur)(NL)
  36. De machinatie (2010)(5inch record)(box)(Le Souffleur)(NL)
  37. De macht (2010)(5inch record)(box)(Le Souffleur)(NL)
  38. De automaat (2010)(5inch record)(box)(Le Souffleur)(NL)
  39. De kamer (2010)(5inch record)(box)(Le Souffleur)(NL)
  40. De adem (2010)(5inch record)(box)(Le Souffleur)(NL)
  41. De letter (2010)(5inch record)(box)(Le Souffleur)(NL)
  42. De schakel (2010)(5inch record)(box)(Le Souffleur)(NL)
  43. De draaiing (2010)(5inch record)(box)(Le Souffleur)(NL)
  44. De wende (2010)(5inch record)(box)(Le Souffleur)(NL)
  45. De vis (2010)(5inch record)(box)(Le Souffleur)(NL)
  46. De samentrekking (2010)(3inch record)(box)(Le Souffleur)(NL)
  47. De vlek (2010)(3inch record)(box)(Le Souffleur)(NL)
  48. De fles (2010)(3inch record)(box)(Le Souffleur)(NL)
  49. De spiegel (2010)(3inch record)(box)(Le Souffleur)(NL)
  50. De merel (2010)(3inch record)(box)(Le Souffleur)(NL)
  51. De aar (2011)(3inch record)(box)(Le Souffleur)(NL)
  52. De brug (2011)(3inch record)(box)(Le Souffleur)(NL)
  53. De crux (2011)(3inch record)(box)(Le Souffleur)(NL)
  54. De hinde (2011)(3inch record)(box)(Le Souffleur)(NL)
  55. De liefde (2011)(3inch record)(box)(Le Souffleur)(NL)
  56. De afweging (2011)(4X3inch record)(box)(Le Souffleur)(NL)
  57. De stroom (2016)(3x5inch record & collage in wooden frame)(Le Souffleur)(NL)
  58. Bruit du Cœur (2017)(3inch record)(box)(Le Souffleur)(NL)(Series: Claquement Bruit)

Several Works (2003-current)(Larger Editions, Printed Covers, Occasionally with Original Artwork)

  1. Dadaphon (2003)(10 inch)(Le Souffleur)(NL)
  2. Untermensch Lieder (2004)(7 inch)(Le Souffleur)(NL)
  3. La philosophie des chiottes (2004)(LP)(Le Souffleur)(NL)
  4. Le plaisir du bruit (2004)(LP)(Private Release)(NL)
  5. Affen-Theater (2005)(LP)(box)(Le Souffleur)(NL)
  6. Der Triumph (2006)(LP)(box)(Le Souffleur)(NL)
  7. Musique irritante (2006)(LP)(box)(Private Release)(NL)
  8. Die Sonne (2007)(LP)(box)(Le Souffleur)(NL)
  9. Die Wille (2007)(LP)(box)(Le Souffleur)(NL)
  10. Maskenstilleben (2007)(LP)(box)(Crouton)(USA)
  11. Schijnheilige vissen (2007)(Lathe-cut LP)(Le Souffleur)(NL)
  12. Das Schöne (2007)(Lathe-cut LP)(Le Souffleur)(NL)
  13. De gedachte (2008)(LP)(box)(Le Souffleur)(NL)
  14. De gelofte (2008)(LP)(box)(Le Souffleur)(NL)
  15. De hamer (2008)(LP)(Le Souffleur)(NL)
  16. De larf (2008)(LP)(Le Souffleur)(NL)
  17. De fazant (2009)(LP)(Le Souffleur)(NL)
  18. L’opus ch (2009)(LP)(Le Souffleur)(NL)
    L’opus ch Artist edition (2009)(LP)(Le Souffleur)(NL)
  19. De schroef (2009)(LP)(Le Souffleur)(NL)
  20. De nacht (2009)(LP)(Beam Ends)(NL)
  21. L’opus L’h (2010)(LP)(Dekorder)(DE)
  22. De schaar (2010)(10 inch)(De Player)
  23. Hiranyagarbha (2012)(LP)(box)(Le Souffleur)(NL)
  24. Cittavibhrama (2012)(LP)(box)(Le Souffleur)(NL)
  25. De Schaal (2013)(book + CD)(EE Tapes)(BE)
  26. Ce Phenomene Negatif d’une Maniere Satisfaisante(2015)(LP)(Le Souffleur)(NL)
  27. bhaavitaaH bhuutasthaH ~ Remembering In The Cosmic Manifestation (Volume I)(2015)(LP)(Le Souffleur)(NL)
  28. bhaavitaaH bhuutasthaH ~ Remembering In The Cosmic Manifestation (Volume II) (2016)(LP)(Le Souffleur)(NL)
  29. bhaavitaaH bhuutasthaH ~ Rückkopplung (2017)(Cassette)(Robert & Leopold)(USA)  
  30. De Staal (2018)(3×10″ Vinyl)(Astres d’Or)(NL)
  31. Grommend, Blaffend, Brommend, Donderend, Spugend, Fluitend (2018)(LP)(Astres d’Or)(NL)
  32. paNa pakShiNaaaM (2018)(LP)(Astres d’Or)(NL)
  33. Interieurs ~ Interieurs (LP)(Astres d’Or)(NL)
  34. Shambhavi Mudra Maldoror (LP)(Astres d’Or)

Collaborations (2003-current)

  1. Asra ~ Souvenir à Asra, la poupée vivante (2003)(LP)(Le Souffleur)(NL)(Group with Timo van Luijk)
  2. Dendoshi – s/t (2008)(LP)(Planam)(IT)(Group with Timo van Luijk, Dave Nuss, Keith Connolly)
  3. Santasede ~ s/t (2012)(10inch record)(Le Souffleur)(NL)(Group with Tiff Lion)
  4. Raymond Dijkstra / Matthias Boss ~ Ins kahle Zimmer sinken blaue Firne (2013)(7″)(Ultramarine)(IT)
  5. Nivritti Marga ~ s/t (2013)(LP)(Le Souffleur)(NL)(Group with Timo van Luijk, Frédérique Bruyas.All Compositions RD)
  6. La Poupée Vivante ~ La poupée vivante (2014)(LP)(La Scie Dorée)(BE)(Group with Timo van Luijk)
  7. Raymond Dijkstra & The New Blockaders ~ Destructieve Verlichting (2017)(5×8″ Vinyl)(Astres d’Or)(NL)
  8. Asra, La Poupée Vivante ~ Le Feu (2018)(LP)(Astres d’Or)(NL)(Group with Timo van Luijk)
  9. Raymond Dijkstra & Jon Mueller ~ Prima Materia (2018)(LP)(Astres d’Or)(NL)
  10. Raymond Dijkstra & The New Blockaders (2018)(LP)(Astres d’Or)(NL)
  11. Wendingen 1918 ~ Muzikë Muusika (2018)(LP)(Astres d’Or)(NL)(Group with Bart de Paepe, Frédérique Bruyas)
  12. AsRA, LA pOUPéE dILETtANTe… ~ LA pOUPéE dILETtANTe… (2019)(10×3″ Vinyl)(Group with Timo van Luijk)
  13. Wendingen 1918 ~ La Décorporisation De La Réalité (2019)(LP)(Astres d’Or)(NL)(Group with Bart de Paepe, Frédérique Bruyas)
  14. Raymond Dijkstra & Louise Landes Levi ~ In The Face Of Faceless Eye (2019)(LP)(Astres d’Or)(NL)
  15. Asra, La Poupée Délirante… ~ La Poupée Délirante… (LP)(Astres d’Or)(NL)(Group with Timo van Luijk)
  16. Asra, La Poupée Dilettante… ~ La Poupée Dilettante… (LP)(Astres d’Or)(NL)(Group with Timo van Luijk)
  17. Wendingen 1918 ~ Recherche dans le Rêve (LP)(Sloowax)(BE)(Group with Bart de Paepe, Frédérique Bruyas)
  18. Groep 20 ~ Valses Mélancoliques (LP)(Astres d’Or)(NL)(Group with Delphine Dora)